When you get used, it’s easy!


Every time you do something new in life you have to learn. The beginnings are sometimes hard, psychologically or physically. But the key, as we all know, is to repeat until you get used to this new activity. It happens to us with a new physical discipline, with a new job, when we arrive in a new city or country … When you get used, it’s easy!

Many times, we do not want to invest because it seems very difficult … and the truth is that sometimes it is: problems arise, that seem beyond our control, we have new responsibilities, unexpected expenses, things that we are generally unaware of. The good news is that this only happens the first time. The following times, like everything in life, are much easier. The second time is not all new and the following times you will have more and more experience. This is especially the case of the most sophisticated and complex investments, such as business and real estate.

The difficult thing is to start

So the difficult thing is to start. And the key is to start being aware that you are going to have problems to solve, but if you do it in a positive way, it will certainly be much easier. In other words, if you keep in mind your goal, you will be able to overcome any obstacle. And if you keep in mind that you will have problems, you will be more predisposed to solve them.

Before starting, you can talk to someone who is already investing in the same thing, to explain what the difficulties may be and how to overcome them. We are each concerned about some things more than others: there are people who care more about the economic part, others about the operation, others about responsibilities, etc. But keep in mind that there are many other people doing what you want to do. That is, any problem can be solved, especially if you are creative.

So, if you have in mind to start an investment but do not dare, I suggest that you analyse what your fear is and talk to someone who knows how to solve this issue. I also suggest that you consider delegating the part you don’t like or hiring a professional. Don’t you like to deal with tenants? Rent through an agency or an intermediary that takes care of that part. You don’t know what the expenses and taxes are going to be? Talk to a manager or accountant first. For little money, you will solve your doubts and perhaps it is the key that allows you to finally launch into it. Are you not sure if that investment is really profitable? Ask an expert on the subject (expert means that they have already done it or are doing it).

My firt investment

I remember that my first investment was in the stock market. The bank manager explained to me how the shares work, but my fear about the taxes I had to pay. So, since I didn’t know anyone who invested in the stock market, I went to my accountant and asked him. He clarified everything for me and that simple consultation has allowed me to earn a lot of money since then.

People say that it takes 10 years to be an expert in something. In my opinion, it takes 10 years to be an expert in the best things in life. So, if your dream is to be an investment expert, do not hesitate and go for it! It’s hard at first, but the experience will make you a little better every day. As a reward you will get an equity and passive income that will be yours forever if you do it right. As a friend of mine (and my stakeholder) says, each new rental apartment is like a a son and the whole experience is very exciting: visiting it, buying it, making it beautiful and then seeing the tenants living happily there. The same can be said for other kinds of investment.

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