Make your life be positive


What’s the key for having a good financial situation? In this post I will tell you how to make your life be positive.

One of the keys is, without any doubt, having a positive balance in the main financial aspects of your life: personal finance, business, investment …

If you do not know how to improve financially, if you are stuck and do not know how to get out of debt, if you are unable to save, if investments do not go well for you … here is a method with which you can improve:

How to change from negative to positive

The first of the phases is to be positive in your personal finances. Whatever your situation is, the balance between income and expenses should always be positive. Why? It all starts there, you must be able to control your expenses and your income from daily life. If you do not, you will not do well with any other business you engage.

When we get used to being negative, it is difficult to recondition the mind, and we take the habits of always being negative.

We are going to transfer that situation to our businesses and our investments. Have you ever wondered why there are people who transform everything they touch into gold? These people have a habit of having all their businesses positive.

What’s your case?

If you have debts, you have to get out of them. If you don’t know how to save, you should create a habit. If you earn not enough money, you must find the formula to earn more. But always, always, you should aim to be positive every month. If you don’t see the way, you must find it (there’s always a way).

Once you control your financial situation, the next step is to transfer that situation to your businesses and investments. You must try that your businesses and assets are all positive. Take some time to analyse why it doesn’t work and give it a solution. If you are analysing a new asset, choose the one that will give you a positive from the beginning. If you get into the habit, all of your assets will all add money to your monthly balance (or cash flow) and you will not stop growing economically.

Try that all your businesses and personal finances are always positive, even if it is with little money, because everything adds up. That makes a difference in your mind, which will suddenly have another point of view and another goal, and also in your daily life, because it means that you have assumed control of your income and expenses. The power you will acquire has no limits.

Applying this formula in your life will undoubtedly make a difference, as I explain in my book.

If you have doubts, leave your comment.

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