Do you know what the rat race is?


Do you know what the rat race is? Defined by Robert Kiyosaki, the rat race is where, unintentionally, we get into daily life. I always say that it is a literal race, because we go like crazy every day running up and down, doing things that, in general, we don’t want to do:

  • jump out of bed when hearing the unpleasant alarm clock (no matter how hard they try, its sounds are always awful for us),
  • run to catch the bus / train / subway,
  • harry up not to be late for work / school,
  • run to go out to eat,
  • are stressed (and a lot) at work,
  • run to take children to extracurricular activities …

I recently saw a woman with her two very young children, running to catch the bus. It made me think that she was already getting his kids used to entering the rat race.

In addition, we have a hard time making ends meet. We are “invited” to have the most expensive house we can afford and the largest car, we go away for the weekend to escape the stress of daily life … in the end, we have a series of financial obligations that trap us unconsciously. Any stressful situation can return us to the harsh reality, because we can’t pay the bills if we don’t have our next salayr and if, in addition, we do not have money reserved for contingencies.

If you are in the rat race, being aware of it is the first step to change it, if that is your desire. Other ideas, that you can find in other posts, are:

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