How to beat your demons and fears

How to beat your demons and fears. Detect your fears.

Sometimes we run aground, indicating that we are moving forward. When doing something new it is inevitable to ignore some aspects that this new activity entails.

This happens when investing and also in many other aspects of life. The fact is that we all have our inner fears, our doubts, things that we have never tried before and that make us stop on our way.

How to solve it? How to beat your demons? The first thing we should do is to identify that aspect, the cause of not progressing, your fear or your ignorance.

Is it well located? Are you aware of that? The next thing I’m proposing is to take some time (days, weeks, whatever you need) to read and learn how to beat it, focusing on solving it. There’s a lot of information out there, both technical and mental, that will help you overcome that obstacle.

I personally propose that, in addition to researching, you talk to other people who are already doing what is an obstacle for you: ask them how they are doing it, how they manage it, how they overcome what you are asked of doubts, etc. If the obstacle is big, divide the path you need to make to save the problem into small steps and slowly get through it, to have more confidence gradually. If you still can’t find the solution, change the point of view, focus it in a different way, change the field of research.

Some blocking thoughts

Some of the aspects that often represents an obstacle in the field of investments are:

– I don’t have time to invest

– I don’t have enough money

– I’m afraid to do it on my own

– I don’t know how to get the funding

– Now it’s not the best time

– I can’t find good investments

– I can’t assess whether an investment is good or not

The list is long. But each of these obstacles has a solution. You just have to focus on solving it. How to focus? Every day spend some time on researching. If you get your mind to focus on it, you’ll create a little obsession that will make you be alert when the possible solution appears in front of you. Has it ever happened to you? It’s like when buying some new shoes and all of a sudden you start “seeing” everyone’s shoes. You’ve put the focus on one aspect and suddenly your mind is working. If you make that little effort, you’ll be able to overcome any problem.

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